Looking for help with model

Hi guys I was not sure where to post exactly as this is a question for down the road say 6 months, at the moment I am working with Source Filmmaker, I have a project in mind and would be seeking a human male character, (I am still not 100% on look yet) I would be looking to do most of the animations myself so just need him rigged ready for that stage.

For his style I am not 100% sure and would probably work with the modeller on that. for the quality I was working with the models in team fortress 2, they have special ones for cut scenes with better textures etc that is what I would be looking for as a example as most shots will be up close and he will be talking.

I was wondering what ball park figure would we be looking at? Just to help plan for the future, as I have no idea on pricing.

Thanks for your help : ).