Looking for help with rigging and animation for any of these two models/extrude issue


This is a volunteer request

There are SEVERAL issues here to try to resolve.

  1. This model on the LEFT has already been rigged by a user on here and its a Bastioni Labs Mesh so the rigging of the skeleton is there, This will be the main player mesh for the 3d engine (have selected Unreal), but now it needs some textured eyes and needs to be animated. with walk, run, breathing cycles :slight_smile: He does have eyeballs but they are not textured. :spin: The eyeballs I suspect are part of the whole entire mesh as its a single piece mesh…

HEAD TEXTURING: On the mesh, I did attempt to try to slip the 3d head skin texture on by myself by using the GIMP to copy over the original 3d head skin texture that was on the single piece UV texture map but I got some weird results like eyebrows and eyelashes still poking through the head texture.:rolleyes:. My attempt to try to skin it didn’t quite work so as I am not experienced with trying to re-skin a mesh with a single piece UV texture so can someone refit the head texture on it or get rid of the white eyebrows and eye lashes?

Now As for my model on the right. He is a 2 Piece mesh, Consiting of the body, and the head and neck part. He’s currently just a static model with a few face bones installed. He currently has white skin but he needs
a bones skeleton installed, and needs to be rigged and animated and also a body skin put on him. so he has several issues to try to resolve. His head skinning has been already done by a kind user on here so that’s one issue
that’s been solved…

Now another mystery I don’t know how to yet solve. A guy on here, did build a small room window up for me using beizer curves but later for some unknown reason he abandoned that window project without telling me why. So Now when I try to edit the mesh to build the rest of the rooms up of the space station (I want to turn this room into a ring like space station that you can walk all around in. But when I extrude a face from a square face I get these bubble curve tube like sink holes extrusions when I simply want the face to extrude out in a normal square shape. but its extruding out in a circular round tube shape instead, creating tubal depression pits or bubbles.

How did it get into that mode to do curved extrusions, and how do you get the extrusion
to return back again to normal mode?

If anyone can help me SOLVE one of these issues let me know.