Looking for input in terms of realism and style, composition, color!


after quick colorgrade:

Thanks in advance!

First off, very cool. Great job with the model and scene, love it!

To improve realism, I might suggest rigging the model and giving it a different pose. The way it’s posing now feels very unnatural, which may be intended because a machine is clearly not of nature. Posing it differently or not really comes down to taste.

In terms of composition, have you thought about putting the model farther back in the scene? If you do that and pose him differently, it could look as if he’s exploring the jungle which would add a bit of narrative to an otherwise static shot.

Keep up the great work!

I agree with JDNoss, that posing the model is important. If you want to go for further realism, I’d propose, that you dirty up the robot. How did he get there into the jungle? I can’t see any road, so he would have needed to get through dense foliage. This would have left some green marks on his white metal. Also he probably might have needed to crawl under something to get through, which would have left some soil on his knees… if you think about the story before that image was taken, you can come up with details, that you could add and improve realism.
Also as JDNoss mentioned, he might be an explorer, but then he probably needs some tools and gadgets. Those tools would tell the viewer the context why the robot is in the jungle.
Looking forward seeing further progress on this interesting project.

@FrankFirsching @JDNoss thank you two for both your replies!

I just recently improved the scenery a bit and gave him a chainsaw and therefore gave him a pose :slight_smile:
The materials you mentioned are desired to be that sterile in order to look really unnatural and out of this place.

Love the addition of the chainsaw! :+1: