Looking for knowledge and wisdom.

I’m a new jack to Blender and 3D in general; so far I’ve been able to manipulate some of the objects available in Blender, but I’m struggling with imported images. I’m using Illustrator and saving the vector graphics as .svg documents, but these images don’t respond the same way as the native Blender objects do. Any suggestions?

The .svg importer addon imports the .svg as a curve object (similar to a vector graphic format)
You can convert a curve to a mesh with Ctrl+J

I didn’t know about ctrl-J but I use alt-C for convert.

In object mode it should show up under Object > Convert to > Mesh from Curve

Also you should probably be more specific in your forum titles, like mention imported SVG or seomthing. People aren’t always going to be as likely as me to think “Well, I have knowledge and wisdom!” :slight_smile: