Looking for low poly modellers for Arma 3 content

Im working on a mission/mod for Arma 3 and need low poly models that are rigged and animated for the mod. I need WWII fighter plane models as well as the FLAK cannon models like the FLAK 38 and FLAK 38 Vierling.

Examples of planes and FLAK needed. Not all at once. Pick one and work on it.





That’s a big request…

well, it is for any of them. Preferrably the FLAK cannons first though. They need to be rigged for sure with a max poly count of 30k.
Ideally, the FLAK cannons would have a reciprocating barrel.

How would it need rigging and animating?

Do they need texturing?

yes/no. I’m still learning texturing so, It would be nice but not mandatory. I guess. They would have to be ready to be skinned if they are not textured. And they would have to come with the templates for the textures so I can load them into GIMP or Inkscape to make the skins.

The Arma 3 ACE3 mod has a Fire Control system that will allow me to setup the ammunition to be AirBurst (FLAK) and has fragmentation so the FLAK cannon will end up being as close to real as possible.

Here is a Link to the Bohemia Interactive post about the LODs or Level of Details. There is also a Blender plugin for Arma modeling.