looking for low poly race ships UV mappper

Hi! I have four low poly race ships made in blender smoothed with a subsurface (6x) to use in a Unity 3D game.
I need the UV maps for these models.
The firs (attached) is the team “Aureus” (the style of the ships is like wip3out and i need similar texrtures with logo and noise, yellow, blue and grey colors, details like back engine and air scoops and so on).
Please tell me the price for that work and if possibile a fast preview.



SmoothShip5.blend (498 KB)

Do you have any references like concept art for us to look at?

Also, what is it exactly that you need us to do? Do you just want them unwrapped and textured, or do you want us to modify them?

266,000+ faces is a bad idea,

you need to just do a few levels of subdivide, then do decimate,

Yeah, I was about to say… It doesn’t even need the extra levels. If you decrease it to just 2 levels, the faces go down to ~300, and the overall shape still looks smooth enough.

Here. Not knowing what is it you need exactly, I de-subbed that ship of yours, slightly modified its shape, and UV unwrapped the whole thing. You can now check the UV map and make your texture img accordingly (it’s all set up and ready). Tell me if you want it changed.

====>SmoothShip5subbed.blend (579 KB)<====