looking for more friends

hey i’m looking for more friends who can help me with more of my blender problems…the ones i have are my main bestfriends who care for me, but i would like to get to know people abit more

ill be a friend

thnxs for adding me as your friend

Let the friends come to you, don’t go seeking them out, if someone here really likes seeing you around they’ll request that you put them on your friend list.

There’s right ways and wrong ways to finding friends on this board.

/connect irc.freenode.net
/join #blenderchat

Smart anwser CD :smiley:
Try to help other people with their projects (or join a project team). If your advice is very useful, the others probably want to help you with some stuff.

Just give useful crits and coments (and not open silly threads like this one ;))

I’ve been using Blender for some time now, I’ve helped a few people out

Errr… shouldn’t this be in the personals and dating section? shouldn’t there be a personal and dating section?

i will be a friend .

If that would mean more threads like this… no.

You mean people have been fallen in love with eachother because of a blenderartists thread? :eek:

Dude, there is a limit to nerdity.

Nooooooo, don’t say that… this could be like 3rd life, we could make such beautiful polygonigamy together!!!