Looking for open assets to kit bash the a medieval town/flying over landscape scene

I’m looking for asses licensed under CC BY-SA or CC BY-SA-NC or equivalent.

They’ll be for The Joy of Blendering series on using pre existing asset to create a scene and animating.

I’m thinking of a character in a town square then taking flight and the ether over a mountain or woodlands then through a canyon.

No guarantees it will get be produced but I actual found people interested in doing the show for rates I can afford.

Opengameart.Org has a search feature where you can filter by licenses.

Look at https://www.blendswap.com (can filter by license), the downloadable models at https://sketchfab.com and maybe some place like the free models on turbosquid (although likely not the license you are looking for).

Yeah I know It’s dull glamorous work pouring though model collections.
Thanks for your suggestions of where to look
It doesn’t look like turbosquid only support one license which doesn’t allow redistibution.