Looking for OSL coder to modify shader script


I’m looking for someone who knows OSL coding and some math to modify a script for a procedurally generated texture. My current images are jagged due to limitations in the current script, but there is a known way to fix this at least in shadertoy, I just don’t know OSL well enough to set it up reliably and make adjustments to accommodate a variety of functions in OSL’s library because the method is very computer-science based.

There’s only 18 lines of code now and the smoothing method is another 18 lines or less, but the most important thing is that it needs to able to accommodate adjustments in the floating parameters used to control what is generated. Copying and pasting code is the easiest step and I wouldn’t email you again asking you to recite random mathematical formulas, but part of this process is also for me to understand what you’ve implemented well enough to make adjustments on my own in the future.


I can help. Please check PM

Jennifer J

I did not receive a PM from you and the system appears unable to let me send one.

Sent you again Please check.