Looking for Paid Blender Tutor to teach me Archviz

Hello I am looking for a tutor to teach me the basics of Blender with the goal of creating archviz renders like these ones: https://pin.it/3r3cGoU

I have significant knowledge of Photoshop and have collaborated with Adobe many times but it is time to move on to 3D. I honestly waited way too long to get into this and I know that for me personally learning from a human being is the best way to get started.

I do not know how to use the interface but I’m hoping to reach a point where I can begin teaching myself and not feel overwhelmed by just how complex Blender is. I want to gain a better understanding of modeling, the tools, and especially rendering photorealistic scenes I can edit in Photoshop.

Looking for someone I can pay $25-40/hour 3-4 hours a week. Please include a link to your work.

Hello there!
Hope you’re doing good

I can help with your requirement.

Kindly reach out to me at [email protected] or skype me at live: luis_18439.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Can you please include a link to your work?

Hi @Think_Lumi

I have a course about ArchViz with Blender, but it’s in spanish:

And my studio is bone-studio.com

If you are interested we may reach an agreement, but could be better if a list of topics and a time frame is defined :slight_smile: