Looking for passionate Blenderhead, for Official Archeological Project on site!

Hi everyone,
we are starting to recruit people to work with us on an internationally recognized national project. It is an archeological project, based in Mexico, on the Teotihuacan site. The project “TLalocan” is related to the investigation of the archeologist of INAH (National institute of anthropology and history) Sergio Gomez and his team. The research is related to the discovery of an ancient tunel located under the feathered serpentine piramide at Teotihuacan.

We are looking for early 2020, passionate and professional people, knowing how to produce different types of 3D files:

1 / Photogrammetry
this person will be in charge of scanning a quantity of objects from archaeological excavations, to produce high-resolution 3D models with 4K textures (agisoft), and to extract a low-poly model for animation creation, using retopology or remesh-tools (blender)

2 / Texturing
this person will be in charge of generating or modifying existing textures on 3D models, using UV remapping, texture-paint tools and Normal / Displace / spec layers management (blender)

! people who know how to code in python will be selected first. !
! people who know how to manage both work will be selected first and his salary will be increased !

Due to the contractor, we do not accept work remotely, we offer an accommodation close to the offices, on the archaeological site. Air travel is at your charge, but the salary will cover all expenses during the term of the contract.

The initial contract is 6 months, but can be renewed if necessary :slight_smile:
the possibility of this job is now being announced because administrative proceedings may take a certain amount of time to ensure optimal working conditions !

Feel free to contact me, by email: [email protected], by facebook also: uriel Deveaud
I am the technical director for the digital reconstruction project, and i am a long term blender user :slight_smile:
Have a great day, hope to hear from you soon