Looking For People To Help On A Game

(strobesk8) #1

Hey I’m Currently Looking For People To Help On A Skateboarding Game I Need People Who Can Model Characters And People Who Know Python And People Who Are Good With Texturing Anybody Interested Its A Casual Project For People Who Want Something Fun To DO In Spare Time

(Riskbreaker) #2

Um…Im just wondering, why is every word starting with and upper-case letter? Just curious, is all. :slight_smile:

(strobesk8) #3

Its Force Of Habit To Type Each Word With A Capital On The Computer I Dont Know Why I Just Do It

(gudi3d) #4

I am interested on helping. I can model some caracters. Can you tell more about the game?

(strobesk8) #5

So far there hasnt been too much done on it at all really umm i’m hoping for it to be a realisic skateboarding game thats more realistic in the street rather than park style. At the moment its all more coming up with the concepts and making it into the game so everyone who wants to help can put in their own ideas and that and make it great i guess. Add me to your msn if u have it or e-mail me some of your character designs when u make them to [email protected]