Looking for person willing to pratice VFX

Hello all!

Some time ago I prepared animation of mechanism allowing to turn a car to helicopter quite quickly :smiley: It is how initial version of this looks like:

The idea is to combine this animation with my car recording. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to learn VFX stuff in blender, what is more I don’t feel that making VFX is my cup of tea - I prefer other stuff like modeling, animating etc.

Despite that I don’t prefer making VFX I strongly like watching it so just thought that it would be great if some VFX enthusiast willing to practice such matters could offer his/her help in order to create really nice looking VFX project based on this animation. I have car recording already prepared but - will share to interested persons only :slight_smile:

Hi there,

 I'd be up for helping you with the process. Send me a link to the footage and let's see if the plate(footage for vfx shot) is workable.

There’s a good chance though that you’ll have to re-render the animation depending on how you shot your plate.


I’ve sent you a private message.

Thanks a lot!