Looking for Scene Composer/Mapper


I am not sure, if this allowed here. If not, I am sorry :o

I am looking for somebody who can put together a few scenes for me. The scenes only need normals and positions; no textures (see below at “Compensation”), no animation, no lighting, nothing. The scenes must be high tesselated, but this shouldn’t be a problem with Automatic Refinement. I can provide some models to fill the scenes, but maybe you have to model a very basic house or something like that.

As this is for a private project and I am a student, I can pay only a very small fee (maybe $8 per scene). When you are able to provide some basic texture mapping (with free textures, e.g. from Nvidia. I will provide the textures of course) for the scenes I will double the fee.

You can reach me via several ways:
Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 72778726
MSN: [email protected]

This is my sample scene with a model from the Collada SDK:


Thanks, Enrico

Wait. What do you actually want us to do?

It would help to a bit more specific about what kind of scenes, their amount of detail, modeling style…
Really, saying you want “a scene” is as vague as saying you want “something”.

Sorry :o
I really need a landscape scene: A piece of terrain with some plants on it (I will provide the plant models) and maybe a basic house (just four walls, a door and a roof). The level of detail is not very high, but the terrain and house must have a high number of vertices (the tree models already have). The latter should be possible with some kind of Automatic Refinement or starting with a high resolution grid for the terrain, I guess.

I need to think about more scenes, but this is what I basically need: high poly scenes with low detail.
I don’t know what you mean with “modeling style”, so it shouldn’t matter :wink:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Nobody who wants to help me? :o

Hi Enrico

You are really better off if you just do it yourself. If you need it highpoly (for radiosity of some kind perhaps?) you can use subdivide or a subsurf modifier.

Why not do some tutorials and go to blenderchat when you have questions?