Looking for Siggraph demo material


Ton has asked me to compile a short collection of Blender art that he can show at Siggraph this august. I already have many nice stills from the gallery at blender3d.org, but I could use some cool animations.

Since the schedule is very tight, I can’t put much time in format conversion, so the requirements are quite strict:

  • Only AVI, Quicktime or MPG movies
  • PAL Aspect ratios only (720x576 or 360x284), 25fps
  • No copyrighted soundtracks. This makes it easier for us to share the movie on the website.

If you have something that you think deserves a place at Siggraph, please let me know by sending a link to your work to [email protected]

Many thanks,

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What about the guy with the Spider-Man animatics?

That would be very cool indeed. If someone could contact him and ask him for some material that would give the Siggraph reel a real boost!


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I have a very short animation of an hourglass which I feel is competant - but it is very short, so it’ll only be of use to you if you use it for a compilation. However, if you do want it, I’ll render it in the specifications you require.

Do you have a link where I can see it?


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i emailed Anthony Zierhut about sharing some information or an interview about blender and he said he was already talking to Ton about that

whens the deadline? i dont really keep track of when siggraph comes and goes. maybe come up with something.

Hi Bart, I don’t know if it’s what you want, but I have this from last October: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18322

I have it on PAL MiniDV and can re-capture it.

Hi Broken,

very cool - I’d love to include that! How large is the MiniDV file?

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Um, well I don’t have a file, it’s on tape. Capturing the tape would make a file of many hundred megabytes, gigabytes even… It’s possible to compress to DivX or MPEG4 or something, though. I can capture it, and then let you know what file size I can get it down to?

broken you think a CD in snail mail might work.

i am thinking of doing that, that way bart can have full qual, and i guess its less hassle that transfering via the net.


You can do that, but you’d have to do it very soon. I think Ton will be leaving for Siggraph in about three/four weeks from now and I need to edit the material as well. If it’s even remotely possible, please use the Net.

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this is cool! are there any specific requirements for stills? or do you already have enough? I have this one:


I also have another piece that is in the blender3d.org art gallery, so I assume you have already looked that one over.

i’m sure blender will be a big hit at Siggraph this year! go blender! :smiley:

Thanks, but we already have plenty of stills - I’m specifically looking for good animations now :slight_smile:

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I have an animation that I think is nice… The problem is I’ll need to (re)render it at the correct resolution, with good quality, which will probablz take 1-2 days. When is the deadline?

Here are two stills of the scene (it’s been improved in a few small places since then):

The animation is a 16 second camera fly-by, sweeping in from the top, showing the slowly waving water in the pool, and swooping around the whole atrium. Would that be any good?


ive got my stairs image. i could render out a video of it, if anybody likes it enough.

It looks nice enough - an animation of this may be worth including. The deadline is at the end of next week - this leaves me a bit of time to edit everything and hand Ton the DVD.


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well, if you are interested…(we never know)




most of my stuff there…

if you like any model in particular, I can manage to get a rendered 360degrees or a simple animation of a scene in 1day (depend on the day tho…so let say 1-2days)…just tell me and I’ll do it…

X-W your train station animation was cool. send him that see if he likes it :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use my Bomb animation i submitted last year for the suzanne awards if you like. :slight_smile: . I hope you still have those files because i only have a lowrez MPG version now, if you need a bigger one I’ll recompress it just let me know.

The Bomb - animation: