looking for some colaberation on movie...

(Nayman) #1

I am currently looking for help from one blender/character animator.

I am deepo into production of my spider-man movie, and it seems that i am coming across more and more problems.

All the effects are a little too much for me to handel, and i need help from one person.

I am plannign on doing all the webbing effects, and all the elctricity effects, and most of the spidey-stuff, but my spidey-model needs a little work, and some of the anioamtion of him is getting hard. Is there anyone here who would like to get in on this project?
Your role would be a ldittle like this.
I animate the initial moves with spider-man, pass it along to you. You fix up anyhting that looks unnatrual, and make suggestions for changes in the poses, and then send it back to me for final reveiw.

Your listed credit would be, “Computer graphic consultant” or “clean up animator”
Also, if you help tweak the model, “Cg model refinement”

this is going to be a big project, so only apply if you are interested,
E mail me at [email protected], or leave me a message here.
If you have a small portfolio witrh some character work you have done, that would be awsome.

Keep in mind, all the work is against a filmed background, so file transfers may be large.