Looking for some critique on this image I made!

Hi Guys, some background info first; I am a still-life photographer who just started peaking around the corner of blender (CGI in general). The future for me could well be one with a lot of renders (either full CGI or CGI combined with photography), so I thought this was the right time to jump in.

This is my first attempt at creating a full-CGI photo-realistic image without the help of a tutorial, although I did do a lot of tutorials before this of course, just to get a head start.

I’m looking at some advice or critique from some of you that have been doing this a lot longer, looking from a CGI perspective. So primarily technical, looking at textures, subsurface scattering etc. Or just, what could I do to make this image better? First off I’m no 100% happy with the model it self. I did use a reference of course, but it didn’t come off 1 on 1 and I’m aware of that. That’s probably a matter of just practicing more and finding my own solutions, so I’m not really looking for critique on that. Although, if you got something to point out, go ahead!

Thanks s guys, appreciate it already!

I think it looks great. I see your photography experience in your composition, colors, and ability to hide the things you don’t want to be seen. I honestly don’t see much of anything wrong with it. You could have more subtle bumps and particles on a few of the surfaces (like the black and purple).

Thanks for the insight Josiah! Good to hear. Kinda agree on the bump, although I also liked the different textures. While we’re ad it though; I was looking for a way to make these noise textures more random, do you have any idea to make that happen? Right now it’s just a uniform texture, of course that wouldn’t really happen if real life if you for example paint a plate. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks again!