Looking For Some Excellent Spaceship Tutorials

Hey everyone, I want to get into some modelling tutorials for doing space fighter planes.
I have found a few on youtube, but most are quick modelling or based around Blender 2.79

Can anyone give me some links to some free tutorials for modelling space fighters?




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Very difficult to find, from intermediate to advanced modeling you will mostly find time lapse videos. Look for hard surface, cars, electronics, most of them are software agnostic. Some artists also use Moi3D or Fusion 360 for that kind of work.

[Blender] Corvette Stingray (plus full training on Gumroad)
[Blender] Revolver Tutorial - Industry Ready Weapon And Attachment Creation For Video Games
[Maya] Electric Saw - Hard Surface Modeling with Maya Tutorial
[Modo] Spaceship Design - Design and modeling

If you need concepts to start, you can find some very good ones in Artstation.

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Thank you Ozgur1 and Lucas.coutin i’ll check them out :slight_smile: and yeah most seem to be time lapse lucas.

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That’s a 2 part answer to be honest, you got the design part and the actual modeling part, I find it really difficult to design the things I wanna do, so I end up just referencing/copying other people designs.

Modeling you got to learn things like hard surface modeling, how to greeble, displacement maps, etc… I’d suggest starting doing some low poly first, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzfWju7SFoWLCyV_gDVCrGA this guys does a bunch of cool looking low poly ships.

Then it’s a matter of subdividing the mesh and adding details (hard surface modeling) there’s also things like kit bashing and the addon kit ops that add a lot of cool pre mades.

I also like the JSPlacement app, that let’s you generate cool intricate maps to plug them into displacement maps and creaete cool looking “geometry” (this is cycles only tho)

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In the future, all spaceships are gray cubes


True. Simple shapes with displacements normally solves the case for massive ships.

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Just found this one.

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I have seen it, its mostly concerned with a proper VFX production workflow (SubD, all quads, proper topology), focussing on production itself and not on design at all.
Its is probably not very useful and overkill for OP as it is unnecessary to adhere to such an pro workflow and its demands if one doesn’t have to.

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You’re right, in production a modeler only do modeling. Visual development come from concept artists as reference. But I’m always looking for professional VFX videos and that kind of content is very rare to find it for free.

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