Looking for someone to create materials in Blender


I’m working on a project where we have an excellent 3D artist who has created a number of objects in Zbrush. We need to export these to three.js for a web based project.

The issue that we’re running into is that Zbrush doesn’t allow us to export the objects and materials. The best solution that we’ve found so far is to export from Zbrush to Blender and then from Blender to three.js/JSON. The problem is that the materials aren’t included in the Blender file, so we need to have the materials recreated.

I’m looking for someone to help with either of the following:

  • It would be great if someone knows of a solution to export from Zbrush so that the materials are included in the export/import from Zbrush to Blender. So far I haven’t found a solution for this.
  • The reason that I’m posting on this forum is that it looks like we will need to recreate the materials in Blender. Our 3D artist does not know Blender so we’re hoping to find someone here who can help create the materials. We have them in Zbrush so we can show what it should look like, and everything except the materials work well in Blender.

Here’s an example of what a couple of images look like in Zbrush:



I think, recreating these materials in blender would be easier, because they seem as very basic materials.

But, you may have some options.
(And maybe these options would be more performance-wise for three.js)

You can bake matcaps to uv mapped textures in zbrush. (manually or there is an unofficial pluginfor that)

From zbrush you can export .obj files with basic material info and baked texture maps.
(also : Multi Map Exporter plugin)

Import them to blender and apply those textures.
And export for three.js from blender, and use same textures in three.js too.

Maybe this can help with the workflow.

Also blender has matcap support, you can (not easy as clicking some import button) create matcaps in blender which used in zbrush and you can bake them in blender too. But this needs more effort.

I can do this!

Hi erdinc,

Thanks for your reply. I missed your post until now but what you say makes good sense. I’m not the Blender or Zbrush user myself but what you say confirms that everyone else has said. We’re going to go with recreating the materials in Blender as you suggested.

Thanks BShep. I received an excellent set of private responses and have the solution that I need now. I’ll say that I’m VERY impressed with the artistic talent from those on these forums.

I believe the material id gets included in the Blender 3D file for export. The textures and uv should be included with this file also at export. Maybe I’m misreading what you are saying. I’ve had a issue with this once or twice though where they did not get included( maybe because a setting was not checked properly) and had to do this manually. But then again I’ve never worked with 3d objects and three.js/JSON