Looking for someone to do 2 simple animations (basic ones)

Hello community, i need 2 projects for my University, as i dont want to follow blender as future i really have no motivation to work with :frowning:

  1. first animation is an arrow hitting a wall like the kind shot from a bow. The wall explodes when the arrow hits it and words appear. The Bow does not have to be visible the video can start showing the arrow already in flight.

2) a looping animation of a character walking

ps: i am a student, cant afford barely nothing, i dont need a very perfect work, just the very basic of basic

Thanks you very much in advance

Skype for contact: Odracir34

I’m still interested in this job, since you offered it to me… Please get on skype, because currently, you’re set to “Do Not Disturb” and you can’t receive the messages I’ve sent :wink:

Hi brother is doing simple animation work in his office, is this okay or you want more extra knowledge.

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Sounds very interesting. Here’s my website and demo reel.


Hi guys, just so you know, job has already been taken :wink:

For future note, this is not the place to have people do your homework for you. Closing this thread. Future ones like it will be removed.