Looking For Someone To Hire Me

I have a fair amount of experience with Blender. I can model a large range of things from buildings to coffee cups.
I would need any pay mailed, via cash or cheque.

You should consider putting together a portfolio with some of you previous work, so people can see what you have done and what to expect from you. Also, it might be a good idea to set up some more convenient way of paying you.

^ agreed. You might consider tutoring others in Blender if you have people in the area interested in learning.

Well, payment methods are not really the issue. His “portfolio” is in his signature, and I am sorry, but it’s better to be realistic… I don’t see contracted work in your immediate future. You’re on your way, but still lack some skills. Especially regarding materials, lighting and rendering.

The problem that needs to be addressed is sculpting as I don’t see any in your portfolio, going by your your signature link. Sculpting - especially in either ZBrush or Mudbox - is a must for any professional(paid) modeller.

However, I must congratulate you on taking part in contests and collaborations. I recommend you also look at the “Hardcore Modelling Challenge” over on CGTalk, and become a regular entrant. There are some very professional modellers taking part in those challenges and most are willing to give good advice. You get like 4-6 weeks to produce a professional standard model and the winner makes the front page.

But definitely get yourself some experience in sculpting.

I was going to create a PayPal account as a payment method, but I can’t create an account that can accept money because I am under 18 years of age. I can only create a student account for spending purposes only!
This is stupid because I can legally own a bank account and accept money, via transfer, but I can’t accept money from PayPal.!
I am currently in the process of creating an account with parental consent, but I doubt that they will make any acceptations.

I’ll keep you all posted!