Looking for someone to model a gun for me

Hello, I’m looking for someone to model a specific weapon from a show for me.
It’s quite a new show but I already compiled a whole bunch of reference images to work with, but my personal skill and time with blender just isn’t enough for this task.

I’m willing to pay but I don’t have much money to offer unfortunately. (which is why I’m posting this on the volunteer work board)

The weapon I’d want a model of looks pretty similar to a K-53 virginia smooth rifle, and is entirely made of a shiny metal (so there’d be very few materials to work with).

Polygon count doesn’t really matter for me specifically, but try to keep it under 100k if possible.

Compiled list of reference images: https://imgur.com/a/FaQPJQm

Thanks for reading and hopefully you’d be interested, if so, please send me a message either here or through discord at Shuroii#3701.

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Hello sir, Where should I Contact you to get this job, Portfolio, DM discord : IGNITION#0034


Just to clear things up, I’m a woman :slight_smile:
And I’ve sent you a friend request through discord.