Looking for someone to model a PVC container

Hi there,

We are a small company in the food business looking for someone to build a 3D model of a new PVC container of product that we intend to launch. We want to build a realistic model of the product to carry out a pre-launch survey of the demand.

This is a very simple model to do. I will supply the labelling which will need to be mapped onto the jar and the lid and I will send you an example of the container for you to work off.

I have attached an low-res image of the same container and lid. We need you to produce a model which we can use in Blender to render with various lighting and camera positions.

You may email me at [email protected] and we can discuss pricing


Ron Steele

Hi, I sent you a mail.

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I sent you an email

He has found someone to do the job.