Looking for someone to teach me design and modeling characters


I am looking to learn 3d character modeling. What I am looking to have done is a series of videos. The videos should target beginners to intermediate modelors.

I am willing to pay, though the budget will need to be discussed. The base offering will be $150 per video, though that may be a bit low.

I am looking to design, model, texture and rig my own characters. These will be anthropomorphic characters. They will be used for animation and still image comic panels. What I need in this are explanations of design, topology, anatomy, rigging and texturing and problem solving regarding these. They should focus on anatomy, both human and animal.

I am an individual, looking to tell stories using Blender. If you’d like to see my previous work, you can see my personal DA page, here: https://www.deviantart.com/lavik1988

I am looking for someone with intermediate experience.

There is no particular deadline. Deadlines for particular videos will be two weeks after start of it. This is open for discussion.

If you are interested, please send me a DM with similar works you have done. I appreciate your interest.

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