Looking for talented ARTISTS!

Dear all members of this forum,

We are seeking for new talented artists.

FaceYourArt.com is the perfect portal for an artist willing to show his potential over a huge online community! Other artists and members have access to stream your projects with a simple click!

FaceYourArt.com will always ensure you to keep the full control on the intellectual properties of your works because “No Downloads” are allowed, “Streaming Only”!

FaceYourArt.com is an awesome opportunity to be viewed and ranked by members and others artists from our community.

We hope that all our different categories (3D Animation, Anime, Artwork, Comic, Cartoon, Drawing, Music, Painting, Photography, Short-Film, Technology) will satisfy even the most difficult of you.

You can CREATE your FREE Artist’s account right now!

We are excited to meet you there!

Best regards,

The FYA team!


You know even streaming media can actually be downloaded.

What happens is your browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer caches the media that you’ve viewedo once and stores that so next time you view it again, it loads smoother.

Video from You Tube for example are actually cached and you can grab the file from your cache view it over and over without needing to waste download limit or connect to the internet to view it.

Sorry, but FartYourFace.com doesn’t seem to work for me.

I’d prefer a person speaking to me in person because he wishes to “pay for my services”.
We have the gallery for our finished projects for all to see, thank you very much.
Now, let’s lock this wonderful piece of spam.

Here’s some facts for you. Streaming media is downloaded. Infact, even for some media which expire very quickly, i.e. just after playing those who really want to get ahold of the file use a program to rip it whilst it’s playing.

Your ‘protection’ = worthless.

Also, if you ever want people to go to your site, you’re going to have to use more neutral colours than what you have. Not only do my eyes burn looking at the colours, but the poor combination of small orange text on blue to make a very hard to see type is retarded.

The only thing your site is going to give people is eye strain.

wait a second? 4 registered users and one picture in the gallery is a HUGE ONLINE COMMUNITY?
HOLY CRAP what does that make BlenderArtists???

let me correct you microwave…there are only 3 members and 4 artists.for some reason that doesnt sound right:confused: anywayz…LOL!:stuck_out_tongue:

4 on the forums lol, didn’t actually click on the “community” button though haha but i see what you mean.

According to the test post in the forum, actually, the only post in the forum, the site was set up two months ago, October 21. There is actually only 1 artist/member with a couple of songs listed, the rest seem to be dummy accounts set up to test the installation. The work in the gallery is actually the cover art for the album.

After two months, this guys got no traffic, one member (undoubtedly a close friend) and the max traffic was two users. Looks a lot like this post is trolling for new artists/members, ie: SPAM!

Lets not feed the fire folks, we all know this is a spammer, and even if it were otherwise, it’s in the wrong section.

Locked… oh.

For your information our team have completed the final beta testing. Site is now up and running. Of course there is no artists, except one yet. When blenderartists.org as started does it had 1000 members in the same day?

BTW, thanks about the information of the “cache” dark side of the browser :slight_smile: We’ll check if there is anything we can do to ensure artists a good level of security.

Sorry if it looks like spam, we don’t want to spam this forum, we are only looking for talented artist.

Yup. As long as you’re talking about blenderartists and not elYsiun :wink: