Looking for Texture/Background artist

We are looking for artist for our game. The game is 3D physics destruction puzzle for iOS, Android, PC and Mac OSX. We are a small studio with mostly programmers and would like to outsource Art works. So far the game is in a playable prototype which we can send you.

We are open to Freelancers or Small Studios, to work as single proposal for complete project, or a revenue shared model if you are interested in working together long term.

Let me know if someone is interested so I can send further information.

I’m interested. Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and let’s talk about it.

You may look for my pm.

I’m interested. I’m a freelance illustrator and programmer


Hi, i am very interested in that i have a portfolio website with my work i have done in blender and maya, and i love doing texture and background design and 3d modeling of objects and scene. Here my email [email protected] and my website is http://mannyzie.daportfolio.com/

I am interested. Please email me. [email protected] 5+ years experience modeling texturing, music and sound creation.

I am a 3D artist specializing in modeling and texturing. I have connections to other available artists that may be available for collaboration.

My demo reel, portfolio, and resume are available on my website listed below. I look forward to your reply.