Looking for tips of tablet and pen setup

Hi there,
recently, I switched my blender input from mouse to tablet and pen. There are two buttons on the pen (as everyone knows), I set one button as mid-click( for navigation) and the other one as right-click (for selection). With Emulate 3 Button Mouse checked, I am pretty happy about the setting so far. BUT, only one thing I would like to improve to make the whole setting perfect. It is the Scroll button. I feel a bit lag while some actions without scroll button, such as added segments while beveling/cutting/, and some drop down menu need scroll button to roll up and down as well.
Do you guys have any tips for conquering this? I appreciated in advance! :smiley:

I know what you mean. I went to a wacom a7 tablet but I typically just use it for texture painting or sculpting. Box modeling and such I still use the mouse for that. I tried getting used to trying to use it with box modeling but it was a longer process and I still found myself wanting to grab for the mouse for such things as you mentioned as it gave a little more precise feel to those situations. I know I have seen others use a pen for modeling but I still haven’t found that “sweet spot” where I can get everything done that I used to be able to with just the mouse and shortcut keys.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I totally agree with sculpting and texture are highly related to tablet and also grease pencil. I am so addictive about the drawing in 3d experience :stuck_out_tongue: Switch back and force between pen and mouse is really I am trying to avoid.

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