Looking for Tutorial Playlists

Hey, I am a few days new to this whole Blender thing, and was hoping to find a playlist preferably on YouTube, where I can learn to do this. (Focusing on buildings and weapons such as guns and knives/swords):confused:

Have you ever used an animation program like blender before?
if not, then you shouldn’t look into making what you want to make just yet. i suggest focusing on getting to know the program itself, learning all the main hotkeys (there are a lot of them, all important), etc.
you’ll find that there will be only a handful of tutorials for making what you want to make, so the best option is to find a reliable tutorial site and work your way up so you can utilize those skills and make them without tutorials.

this guy has a basics tutorial playlist

but to be honest the only person i would highly recommend would be Andrew Price’s tutorial site - http://www.blenderguru.com/
by far one of the best in the blender community, his tutorials are very precise.

My favourite playlist that got me started. Watched quite many other ones but I like this the best.