Looking for two particular settings in cycles hair particle sim

Hi, I’m following a tutorial on making realistic grass using the cycles particle emitter.

I have it set to hair and set to show the advanced settings. But in the tutorial there is a panel called Cycles Hair Settings right at the bottom. It’s not there on mine :confused:

The two settings I’m looking for is Root and Shape, not the shape setting in the Children panel, that’s a different one (it seems). They are both together in the cycles hair settings panel with root coming under the heading root multiplier, next to a setting called Tip.

Any idea where I can find it?


As per the wiki, for cycles hair rendering is CPU rendering only and feature set to Experimental

As richard said, change the feature set to experimental and the setting will appear at the very bottom of the particle system.

Thanks, I wouldn’t have expected to find this particular answer in the wiki, I never even knew you could change te feature set.