Looking for VERY basic modeling tutorial

Hi, all.
I am at the absolute beginning of my Blender journey. I have it installed and running, and I can handle the interface, select objects, edges, vertices, and faces, and extrude a face. That’s about it.
My objective with Blender is to model fairly simple 3D objects to use in 3D printing. Things like replacement for the broken control wheel and hand knob on my table saw, or Hippo Hand knockoffs for riding my motorcycle in winter. Jam cleats for my sailboat. Simple shapes with no animation now or, maybe, ever. I have not yet found any tutorials that cover these basic things, questions like how to make a wheel with a hole in the center, flatten one side of the hole, print it with a recess to hold a nut… simple, but not mindless.
Can anyone point me to tutorials that start at this basic level?
Thanks, all,



Learn the principles and you will be able to model anything.

if you ever hit a snag, then use Ctrl+print screen and paint, paste your issue, add text in paint, then post here, I will help any way I can…as long as you do the same :slight_smile:

3D Buzz is an excellent place to start.

Thanks, everyone. I hadn’t stumbled onto 3D Buzz yet. It looks like just what I was seeking.

Um… right now that seems seriously unlikely, but if the day ever comes I’ll be glad to! :confused: