Looking for VoIP software whiteboard function

Hi, i’m looking for a free cross plattform VoIP Software that allows you to draw on a whiteboard with your dialog partners… for blueprints, math formulas and so on. Anybody who has some recommendations?


I don’t think it’s cross platform, but there’s a Skype plugin called WhiteboardMeeting which is a pretty simple whiteboard tool. Problem is there’s a limit on the number of users in the free version :no:

As far as i know, skype for linux cant handle addons yet. I’m only using Linux and OS X. :-/

if i remember correctly, Skype beta is capable of capturing and broadcasting your screen.

I’ve found something :smiley: It’s a web based flash application… so it’s cross platform, free, you don’t need a registration and it’s easy to share the board with friends via an invitation URL.
So it should be simple to use it side by side with mumble, teamspeak or skype.