Looking to build a small dedicated team of friends

Hi, Some of you may know me, but I think most people here who’ve been around since Blender 2.33 are more familiar with my old username Howitzer.

Maybe about three years ago, a friend of mine named Raxx started a small team of 3d artists. I was part of this team, but I’ve since forgot the name. (something-CG)

While a part of this team, we kept in touch via Skype - which proved to be a very robust voice conferencing tool. While others use IRC, we used a more intimate level of communication to keep us together. Raxx’s goal was to eventually take on commercial projects, but we never quite got that far. Our last project was to help out a small indie game dev team who needed free models. For unknown reasons, he didn’t tell anyone the name of the game or the people we were working with, but I still have my work (or rather, what’s left of it).


I modeled this in Blender, and Raxx (Randall in the credits) did the texturing in Gimp. There are other models done by the other members of the team, but I do not have pictures of those anymore.

I’m bringing this up because I would like to try doing that again. I would like to form a small team of modelers and animators of about three or four people. I do not have a team project in mind, and in fact - I would prefer it if we did not. Think of it more as a small group of friends who will eventually work on collaborative projects for profit and otherwise. So our first ‘project’ would probably be just getting to know each other.

My end goal is to create a team that is Small: no more than 5 people with optional shared web hosting. Close-nit: We would do regular voice conferencing for chat and in-depth critique of each-other’s individual work, and when we are ready, for-profit collaborative projects. Dedicated: our goal would be the betterment of everyone involved. We would seek to improve in our trade as a whole. And most important, Friendship, which does not need a description.

Think of the idea like a tiny forum with 5 talented people who know each other well, give excellent crits (not simply to give useless praise, show off their knowledge, or increase post-count - but because they genuinely care).

Do not think of this post as an attempt at traditional recruitment. Rather, let me know if this is a good idea, and if any of you have the time for something like this. If someone here has tried it already, let me know how it worked out; and feel free to voice your opinions of online team collaboration as well. As for ‘recruitment’, I will probably contact people myself, though don’t hesitate to ‘apply’ in this thread if you want.

Nice idea, I always wanted to join and work with of a team Blenderheads (very rare at my place, I can count the number of people using Blender one one hand). Unfortunately, like most others, I have to juggle my college work, studies, freelance work and my hobbies if I would join. Also, I’m not yet adept to do professional 3D works. I’m always willing to learn to work in a team and enhance my 3D skills at the same time though.

As I said, I’m not great with 3D (even though I’ve been playing with it for nearly 5 years); for now, I have only one of my works that I can show you :(. Its here at
Its very recent, because now’s the time I actually got to learn to use Blender properly.

I would love to come in; I’ve been hunting around for a team to join at my place, but found none. Infact, I have conducted a workshop, plus held a number of seminars on Blender, in the hopes of finding someone like-minded, or even train someone for it. But obviously, I haven’t succeeded. Here’s info on one of the Workshops I conducted.

But would you accept amateurs? Plus people on the other side of the globe? Where are you from, exactly?

I’ll PM you if you’d like to contact me. I’ll stress the fact again that I’m very interested in this.

Well agentmilo, I the work you have shown is simple but pretty good over all. Presentation can make or break your work, and I must admit I haven’t fully got the whole presentation thing down myself. I’ll PM you.

I’m more of a digital painter than I am a 3D artist- but I love the latter more.

I could tell by what you showed me in the private message. That’s a very good thing too. We’ll keep in touch.

As you can tell, this thread isn’t getting a lot of traffic, so I’ll probably just accost people in private about the idea.

Well, maybe people must’ve seen alot of ambitious team recruitment stuff, they don’t really take this stuff seriously.

But anyway, we’ll keep at it. I’m looking forward to it.

Hey guys,
I followed this post daily and am surprised that it didn’t generate more interest and take off! One of the best things young artists can do is share their ideas and “feed” off of each other and having fun creating stuff.

The way it was introduced by Christian was more than reasonable and I liked that a couple of young guys will get together and not only make something, but also become friends.
This would have been amazing to see but maybe it was the perfect idea at the wrong time?

I hope you will keep this alive and eventually find that “hand of five”! :slight_smile:

Good luck!