Looking to create animation from existing object for WebGL project


I have a laptop that I would like to rig to open. It will be for a WebGL project, so please only apply if you have experience with WebGL, as I am very new to it. I would need the animation to be done within about a week.

Detailed description: The laptop will be closed upon entry to website. Upon scroll, the laptop will slowly open. I need the animated laptop to send to my developer, who will take it from there and connect it to the scrolling.

Once this project is completed, I will likely need more similar work.

Pricing: I’m not entirely sure what to price for something like this, so I’m open to suggestions.
If you’re interested, please send relevant examples and show how you’ve created animations for WebGL purposes.

Thank you!

(PS my website is www.motif.studio. Not relevant, just posting because that’s what the job post instructions said to do!)

Can do maybe but first please Define webGL project :
is this with a library like Babylon or Three js or in plain webGL code .

then 1th Question would be in which format to deliver this:
as GLB file? Json ?


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