Looking to hire artist to add rain effect to 3d animated short

We are mid production on a short 3D animated film and we are looking for an artist to add realistic rain to a handful of shots. (Also - lightning and clouds and night sky) - but predominantly really good rain.

Something that looks as good or better than this:

We can discuss price per shot or an overall price for all of the shots.

If interested, pls contact me and I can provide more details.



please provide me more details, Iā€™m really interested and capable for working for you

I have 10 shots that are outside on a stormy night and they require rain, lightning, and dark clouds in the sky. We are still building some of the assets for the shots (characters and cars are not done yet), but while they are being sculpted, I would like to keep moving forward with the process.

The shots are similar to this:

And the quality needs to be on this level or better:

We also need someone to do the night sky, clouds, and lightning, like this:

Let me know what you think!



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