Looking to hire artists

Alright, so I have a short animation I’m looking to start moving on. I want to pay people who I get to work for me, so I have a multi-part question.

First, what’s the going rate? What would you expect to pay or be paid for a model? What if it were rigged? What if rigging was separate?

If you were new to animation, what rate would you want for your work? Would you prefer a standard payment per shot, or an hourly rate?

I understand that this is sensitive information, but I don’t know where best to post something like this. Please PM me, or email me at [email protected], if you’d rather not post publicly.

And yes, I’m serious. :slight_smile: After years of trying to be a one-man-band, I’ve decided to try and build a team, and I want to be fair with them. At the same time, I want to get my short created, and my budget small.

Thanks for your input!