Looking to Hire | need my 2d art brought to a 3d space. Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Bone-Maping

Hello Blender community and artists!

I’m looking to have my 2D art brought to 3D space for use in video games and other VR related aspects.
Will need the model scaled to specific parameters when being modeled, will also need texturing as well as most shaders, bone rigging, dynamic bone rigging, Hand and feet colliders. (High poly final with finger colliders), etc…

I’m acting as an individual, Add me on discord: RifleJock#4559

I’m looking for someone with experience creating models that is used to importing them into unity for use in video games such as NEOS VR, VRChat, etc… One other thing to mention, which I don’t yet know much about, is apparently there is a mod or feature that allows you to setup preset hand positions/animations (for use in signing for the HoH or Deaf) based on key bindings/vr imput. I’ll research this further and see if there is anything needed on the Blender side, but I believe this is mostly unity based stuff. So ignore it for now, unless you have information regarding that aspect.
I prefer higher experienced model creators as well as someone with lots of time put into these games, for a better understanding of their aspects and how bone rigging effects the model in these games.

No specific deadline, I’d say I’d prefer completion within the year ground up. More pay for faster completion, but want quality over quantity.
I realize that might be an oxymoron… If you’re willing to make this a month long project, day in and day out, I’m fine paying your salary for said month or whatever. We can discuss in more detail through Discord.

Again, main idea is to:
1.) Create the base model, high and low poly versions (within reason of aforementioned game limitations).
2.) Edit base model to have 2 or 3 variations, base model w/ base texturing/shading (for retail use later), custom color texturing/shading and NSFW variation of the custom colored model.

All said and done, it’s basically one final model, with custom colored textures, shaders, bone rigging, dynamic bone rigging, (maybe animations, not sure if this is within blender or the unity side) but, I’d like to just some versions saved that aren’t as far along in completion.
Again, more detail can be discussed on discord.

As for budget, this is my first time paying for something like this, but I think I’m reasonable in pay. Can discuss further on discord. I do want all rights to this model once complete.

Thanks for visiting this post. Hope to find someone soon!


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