Looking to Hire someone who can Rig and animate facial expressions in a monkey

Hey Everyone

I’m a graduate student looking to hire someone to do the following

  1. a bit of modeling - I purchased a very simple model of a rhesus macaque off of Turbosquid and I’d like to hire someone to modify the mesh to have a mouth (with Teeth + Tongue inside), eyes, and maybe some facial details to allow for animation of facial expressions.

  2. Rigging - I rigged the monkey’s body, but need a possibly more advanced rig to create facial expressions. I can provide additional info about what kind of facial expressions upon PM, but if you google “Rhesus Macaque Fear Grimace and Lip smacking” those are the two main ones.

  3. Animation - Animation of the previous mentioned facial expressions.

You don’t need to be able to do all of these - if you can do any part I’d be willing to work with you. Please PM me with details (Cost/Time expected/etc) or questions. Thanks a lot!

message sent!