Looking to make a game.

Hey there,

I’m looking to start a game with someone to further my knowledge and skill with blender and the GE, so preferably I’m looking for someone who wants to further their knowledge and skill with blender and the GE.

The type of game I want to make is more then a mini game, so it actually has a story, characters and some systems of sorts. But less then a full fledged game (that would take way to long to make)

I’m good at scripting, decent at modelling levels, decent at modelling props, decent at UV texturing and bad at modelling people.

If anyone is looking for someone to make a game with then post in here because I’m looking too.

Oh, and you want to make a game with me its going to have to be no GLSL :o

Let’s talk, step into my office.


I’ll have to keep my eyes open on this one…

Please, post in the Works in Progress, Game Demos, and Finished Games forum when you already have some material.

I did think about posting in the discussion forum, but…

Acceptable threads for this forum include:

  • My Game
  • Screenshots of My Game
  • New Game Demo
  • New Game Project
  • Game X seeking Members

I’ll quote this bit again

Game X seeking Members

Seemed fair enough to me.

Anyway, I’m not too fussed.
I’m not looking anymore, I’ve got a game to work on.