Loon & Leaves

Everything but the back image is of my own modeling, including the loon.

Thoughts? I am considering adding more leaves but hesitate to do so as they aren’t the focus.

Pond water actually looks more green than blue in general, but if you want a blue pond here is a good reference picture:

Maybe some specular? You planning to model the background?

specular is only for internal engine is it not? This is cycles. If there’s a cycles specular version, advice is welcomed.

nvm, I’m used to internal

I really like the scene, however the background is simply too fake next to the well rendered leaves and water (which are great by the way). The background image looks stretched so if you could scale the X-axis more that would be great and to stop that cutoff point between the water and the background image you should blur the water behind the duck. This will focus all attention on the animal and leaves, and it will blur together the bank with the water (getting rid of minor scaling issues in the background).