loop cut and UV


When I cut a mesh, UV edge is inserted at the center of a face.
But it is inconsistent with the mesh edge.
The mesh edge is not at the center of the face.
Is this a bug?

This suggests that the new set of uv coordinates is created one step earlier - while one is still being able to choose edge position in the mesh, slide it.
No idea if this should be considered a bug.
Then again, might be caused by different code development in uv vs. mesh departments…
Unwrap again to be on the safe side.

Whether you call something that has been the norm in blender for many years a bug I don’t know.

Thank you. I understand.
But this is very unfortunate.
I sometimes need to refine the mesh after finishing texture.
That means I need not only to unwrap the UVs but also to make the texture again.