loop cut question

Is it possible to split edges and it must be even distance from one of the edges.
Like the image below

This is Maya insert edges tool.

If there is an easy way to do it, by all means someone correct me. But I think the only way you can do it in blender is to turn on “show edge length” and manually put it in the right place.

For the case shown, you can Boolean the slot out with thin rectangular plate.

Select one segment you like and make custom orientation for this face. Then select other edge of this face and press V (rip). Grab the edge to the desired customised direction and fill the empty distance. Now the both edges are parallell.
Sorry my poor english.

I think all methods work for this situation.
Unfortunately I need to work on very complex models.
I use Maya for now.
Thank you all.

There used to be a non-proportional mode for edge slide which did exactly this in 2.49 but it hasn’t been reimplemented yet. I would also like this back, because the above mentioned methods can’t be used on anything other than a simple planar surface.