loop selection issue

I have this issue with loop selection which I don’t quite understand.

  As shown on this screenshot http://dl.dropbox.com/u/59740378/loop_selection_01.png, the areas marked in green are the parts of the object I can use a loop selection without any problem (vertex selection in this case). On the other hand the part marked in red doesn’t want to loop. Anyone can explain me why it doesn’t work?

Hi thescholar,

I think it’s due to the inner section of quads, it’s not good practice to have ploys extruding out from the same edge (inside and out). For that reason, I think that’s why the loop select can’t pick it up. Try modelling with thickness and that should solve your problem :wink:

Jay’s right. To set things right, delete the centre vertex where all the triangles come together, then (as Jay said) add thickness by extruding your top ring and scaling in. Then extrude downwards. Extrude again and scale inward to get the same form you have now, but with thickness.

If you really want to keep geometry as it is (I can think of a few cases), select the vertex in the center of the “inner” faces, press ctrl-+ (that is, control and the plus sign) to “add to selection”, then deselect the center vertex …just for a quick way to get the selection you want.

Question: do you plan on subdividing this mesh?

Or try removing doubles, but internally I think that these verticies have lost their point order and it would be better to model with thickness.

Thank you very much everyone for your valuable answers.

P.S I noticed that the loop didn’t work either with the basic cube initialized by Blender during start.

Also, I would like to know if there’s a website or video that enumerate the most important best practices while modeling with Blender. Thank you!

You’re right about not being able to loop select with the default cube. I would call this a bug.

Should we report this? Was this working before?

I don’t think it would be a bad idea. It seems loops select only works on objects with at least 5 sides.