Loopt cut, how?

I have created a cone, i want to subdivide it where the red line is… how do i do this?

i watched a tutorial for “loop cut”(pretty sure that’s what i’m looking for). It suggests ctrl+r… He got a pink line which he could just drag and select where to make the cut… looked very easy.

CTRL+R does not do this for me (2.79b)… i get the message “select ring to cut” (no idea what a “ring” is, no idea how to select said Ring, i tried dragging, clicking etc). I also don’t get any kind of line of where to make the cut.


Loop cut only works with quads (4-sided polygons). Since you have a cone, it’s got triangles.

But no problem, you can use knife to make the cut.

  • Press K to enter Knife mode
  • Press Z to turn on cut through
  • Click to make a cut across the model.
  • Hit the C key to constrain
  • Press Enter to confirm the cut.
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Many thanks, works great!

Also note that many tools have an option to limit themselves only to geometry that you can “see,” and IIRC this applies to knife, too. In this case, you want to be sure that it’s working “all the way through the cone.” (Oh, wait, I see now: “Z.”)