lopasSSR - screen space realtime raytraced reflections plugin

(lopas) #1

lopasSSR v.0.0.a trial release
It works on upbge v0.2.4 render attachemnt branch
all download link are under the video description

(jesusmora) #2

it looks better than eevee

(lopas) #3

thank you, many features have not yet been implemented…but they will be soon (free time allowing)

(Fred/K.S) #4

What’s the impact on GPU performance once this is used?


(lopas) #5

unfortunately in 0.2.4b render attachment branch does not work the unlocking of the frames, so I can hardly tell you a precise value, in 2.3 render attachment branch the same algorithm works in fullHD around 200 fps on the GTX 1050Ti of my notebook

(Bohdan Lvov) #6

Looks already amazing! Any chance for Eevee?

(Fred/K.S) #7

sounds fair enough!


(jesusmora) #8

i tested it with ryzen 5 2400g in fedora linux using wine and i get 60fps in the small window and 20 to 30 fps in “fullscreen” (large window). in theory the fps should be higher on a native windows system or using linux binaries. some optimization and a faster upbge should increase it even further, as well as lower quality.
but that’s with the test file which is two planes and four spheres, maybe the filter is a bit heavy.

(lopas) #9

the effect is completely on the gpu (not the cpu) and is independent of the complexity of the scene.
what’s your gpu?

(lopas) #10

Eevee already has a SSR filter with a progressive temporal refinement that makes it very good at rough surfaces rendering but in a non-in-game situation. At the moment I’m adding support to the rough surfaces even in my SSR but I have to use a different approach just because i’m interested in gaming so my results will be faster than eevee (the result must be completed in 1 frame only) but probably it will be not so precise. A game engine and blender-eevee have different purposes so something ideal for one could not be a good choice for the other and that’s why I think it’s not a good idea to try to bring eevee’s filters / shaders into upbge

(jesusmora) #11

ryzen 5 2400g…
the gpu is in the cpu.

(lopas) #12

sorry, I was ignoring the fact that you were referring to an integrated gpu … .probably emulation and low level gpu (i say low level because mine is considered mid-level and i’m seeing have highter benchmark results then RX vega 11) are not yet a good combination for this kind of effects using fullHD sampling, I have to introduce, in the next release, the half resolution sampling mode and this should brings a 4x increase in terms the speed … hopefully go better, thank you for having tested and posted your results, this helps me!