LORA (1st person shooter)

greetz members another mini fps game. the rule is simple… eliminate lora(bots) as many as u can, earn cash and spend in the shop to upgrade and unlock items. complete all goals described in the task menu to fight boss. with believable cpu/A.I
this game is worth playing, especially to cs/half life fans.


enjoy and happy upcoming hollidays!

Nice work, this looks awesome!

Nice! How did you setup the .exe installation? Im installing now. :wink:

hey thx! its a separate program called ‘install creator pro’ ,very easy to use

Hahahahh partial nudity. I don’t know if it matters with a game that doesn’t use much in the way of graphics. Still cool though.

well, millions of people u never know some of them could fap to almost anything they saw:cool:

nice i like it good job

I download it!

Ridiculously hard :slight_smile:
Video of playing in wine on linux (sound decided to not work): http://youtu.be/J4f2njmOCkY

Hey man what i really enjoyed was the in game
store you included. It makes the game enjoyable
as yo go on.

!!! Well done !!!

Hey now I find this game and I think it’s a great Game!
Simple but good! Like it! :yes:

Hey I made a short Lets Play of your game. Hope you like it. It was fun!