Lori's Tear - Available for adoption.

I’m don’t want to develop it anymore, i lost my interest in it. I don’t want to waste anyones hard work and forum resources anymore. I’m terribly sorry. And thank you very much everybody that contributed to this project. I’m giving up, so anyone who wishes to take up this project and finish it, please contact me through PM. Otherwise, let it die.

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Name: Lori’s Tear
Genre: 3D Third Person Platform Game
Targeted OSs: GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

My main influences and inspirations for this project

Hi : ]

As a great fan of Games, I’ve been studying Blender for some time now with game development in mind. I’m still just a beginner to 3D and Blender/BGE. My motivation to study Blender is to understand it and be able to use it and understand how to do Games with it, but my passion is Administration and Game Design, that’s what I’m really good at. Probably I’ll never be a great blender master, cause i enjoy Administration more and I’ll focus on that. Of course, I’ll continue to study and improve my Blender skills.

The Game
It is Open Source, under a Creative Commons (CC) BY-SA 3.0 Unported license.

Velt and Lori are very adventurous “brats”… they once again disobeyed their Clan rules and their parents advices and got into the Forbidden Hari Waterfall (again…). As always, Lori was near a little garden between the forest and the river, searching for Witchcraft Butterflies (explained below). Velt, was lying down on the grass playing nervously with a bush leaf on his mouth, daydreaming of a life of brave and dangerous adventures. Suddenly, he hear his sister scream and promptly wake up to just see Lori been carried away by strange little spherical creatures with strange Armour and glowing orbs in place of it’s bellies. Velt promptly start to run to save his sister, to be abruptly stopped by a terrifying creature like the ones that got his sister, but that one is more tall, larger and resembles a lion. The creature get it’s spear with a big blade. Velt grab his Scimitar…

… and the adventure begins.

Main Characters

Name: Bauran Velt
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Category: Main Character
Objective in Life: Protect his sister, Play Wood Swordplay, play with his friends, mud-ball battle with his enemies and capture Witchcraft butterflies for his sister (Secretly collect them, since his Clan rules and the village doesn’t allow “evil creatures” like Witchcraft butterflies around the village [bias]).
Objective in-game: Rescue his kidnapped sister.
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Pinkish
Hair Cut: Short but pointy on the right and front.
Hair Color: Black
Body: Thin
Cloths: Bauran Armless Leather Jacket with the Bauran Warrior Sign, protective because of the wild animals on the surrounding forests; Dark Red Blue Shorts; Light Leather Gloves; Wood Base sandals with a big leather strip and buckle to tie it up.
Weapon: Scimitar
Born in the high Moj forest, in the Oria Village under the Warrior Sign from the Bauran Clan, Bauran Velt (or just Velt for people that are granted to address him that way; it’s Oria Village and Clans rule) is a peaceful and innocent child. Velt take good care of his sick sister, Lori. He have deep love for his family, his sister Lori, his mother Lorin and his father Vincent Lor, although his father is very cold in affection, home absent and mysterious in heart and soul, he excuses are that he work to much and are always tired. He work on the Bara Mines. His father is his family’s Clan chief, that’s why he is granted a full three words length name.

Right-Click on the images to enlarge it.

Concept Art

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3627/3592883166_c0dc244b77_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3345/3592887726_d67df046bc_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3379/3632164211_174e3df5fb_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3604/3592082083_96e56d7a18_m.jpg
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3404/3592084895_6d3572e444_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3248/3592894512_ec0b128674_m.jpg


http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3447/3721238858_32c4b93ebb_m.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2529/3720418125_a4b1766b95_m.jpg
http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2592/3720420529_6f3d7bca50_m.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2462/3721236686_1b356c857b_m.jpg

Name: Bauran Lori - (Young)
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Category: Key Character
Objective in Life: Cure her disease and become a Witch, but her family don’t know about the Witch part. She decided it when she was saved by a Witch on the forest, when she was been attacked by a Dark Elf (a cursed Elf race, banned from surface, forced to live on the Abyssal part of the earth, they have black skin because of the curse that burned them, and every newly bord Dark Elf carries that burned color to remember their dept with the world. Dark Elfs was Sun elfs before they ware cursed, but good Sun elf societies still exist) . She got amazed with the kindness and power of the Witch and never imagined that womans could be brave too, in her education only mans can be brave and fight. She then wanted to become a Witch. (Witchs are independent womans that have their own villages and live a more fair life with non-biased males. Usually the world is ruled my mans, and womans are sub-missed to their desires and rules. So free womans are seeing as Witchs. Witchs ever wear black cloths and big hats and are very proficient with Life Force energy [Life Force is the ability to control the elementals of nature like fire, wind, earth and water]).
Objective in-game: Return home.
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Pinkish
Hair Cut: Short, sticked with a butterfly adorn on the left and falling on the right.
Hair Color: White
Body: Tiny and Thin
Cloths: White Bauran Dress with the truncated Warrior Sign, because womans can’t be warriors on the Bauran Clan; She walks on foot, no sandals.
Weapon: None (In her youth)
Born in the high Moj forest, in the Oria Village, strangely under the Warrior Sign from the Bauran Clan (womans generally are born under the Mother Sign), Bauran Lori is a peaceful and innocent child. But she suffer from a unknown disease that weaken her body. She love purple glowing butterflies known as Witchcraft. Love her family, nature and wild animals. And she have a strange symbiosis with wild animals, she are able to calm them down and interact with them.


Lakamari and Machnas

Physical Description:
Color: White
Body: Metamorphic; Each Machina resembles a real animal.
Armour: Modern technology style.
Life Resource: Orb of Dark Force energy
Deployed for:
By the ancient good Hari: For rational and natural life maintenance and protection.
By the current evil Hari people known as Lakamari: Unknown. What is known is that these now corrupted Hari mystic Golens are working mysteriously, and probably for the Occult Ones, and with trace of evil acts, like attacks to villages and murder of people and rare animals.

Everything about the physical and non-physical Lakamari is unknown.

Machinas are, now doomed, mystical technological Golens used by the Occult Ones (Lakamari). But was once a good Life Force technology that made the base of the long lost ancient civilizations, led by the good Hari people.
They are called Occult Ones because there is a say that if their real name (Lakamari) is spoken, it will bring bad luck, disgrace and destruction for the speaker of such profane words.

People from all the world of Av was hoping for the dormant/disappeared Hari to wake up and bring the now chaotic world to it’s peace again. But instead, what came recently is a strange and profane “Hari” Machnas. Little is known about the Lakamari itself, aside from it’s now puppets Machnas. But the name Lakamari is left writen in blood wherever Machnas forces pass by destroing and killing.

08 - War Battle Unit

Physical Description:
Body Shape: Lion
Deployed for:
By the Hari: Peace Force - Diplomat Unit
By the Lakamari: War - Battle Unit
By the Hari: None
By the Lakamari: Spear with a big blade

00 - Maintenance and Emergence Unit

Physical Description:
Body Shape: Spherical
Deployed for:
∘ General Maintenance
Maintenance: None
Emergence: Hook/Cord/Wire/USB e-01
Special Condition: 00s can turn into 01s in time of danger/emergence.

01 - Battle Unit

Physical Description:
Body Shape: Spherical
Deployed for:
∘ Emergence, tweaked by the Lakamari to be a Battle Unit
Weapon: Big Claws



The AUTHORS.txt file will be in every release of this project. Also, the contributors are credited inside the .blend files they contributed. In case you contributed to this project and was forgot to be put into the authors file, please contact me through this tread so i can credit you properly, remember to mention in what you contributet and which file(s).


Current main goal
Completely create Level 1 - Hari Waterfall with it’s Gameplay and Cutscene.

Sorry, I’m not offering my help (because I wouldn’t be any help anyway), I’m just here to say wow your idea is impressive and the extent to which you have thought about this pretty amazing. I wish you luck, you’ve clearly put a lot of effort into this and it looks like it’d make an epic game.

PS. you’re a very good artist too.

I’m with mattroe. You have put a lot of thought into this compared to most of the people that post things.

Depending on how busy I am, I could possibly do some concept art here or there. I can not make any guarantees on anything, but I can try to help out where I can.

Hmm, I probably won’t join the team, but I wouldn’t mind popping in and trying my hand at modeling some of the characters, enemies in particular. I don’t really want to make any commitments, but I like helping out in relatively simple ways…

Is the Machna 00 Maintenance Unit pic upposed to have floating parts, or are they meant to be connected by body parts that you just didn’t bother to draw?


Newer blend, added a slightly modified version that looks more warlike and has claws, though I’m not really sure if it’s what you wanted when you said somethign about it changing to a more warlike version in emergencies…



Machna00-01.blend (220 KB)

Thank you very much for the support mattroe!

Thank you chris_0076 : ] Feel free to help anytime, any contribution are very welcome, post comment or PM me, or both, when you feel ready.

Thank you Almost : ]
Yeah, these are floating parts. Example: You played Rayman? The Machnas have a similar behavior.

Thank you very much Almost! It’s awesome!

I’ll create a session for contributors and credit you there.
EDIT: Done!

I posted here since i was looking for help and team and hadn’t anything nice to show on a WIP tread.

Its good to see you’ve thought it out and planned it. Sounds like a promising game

Thanks Mentalturkey : ]

Remember creating a game isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when you’re not very experienced with blender. Altough, I’m impressed by your concept art and your ideas. You might use cray’s third person template as a base for your game. Should save you lots of work.

hi, i would like join the team and work with you, I am at your disposal.

Thanks Doggie_B :slight_smile:
Yeah, i know, i didn’t meant it was easy, sorry if i gave you that impression on my first post. I agree with you. And I’m already studying cray’s superb work.
I recommended his work as reference/resource on my first post too.

Hi tiagocristiani,

Thanks for apply! Which role you would like to apply? What you’re good at/like to do more?

maybe I can join the modeling, but i can’t do it alone.

OK then. Feel free to contribute anytime.

I’d like to help alternately programming :), sounds really cool, and you’re actually the first person to have the entire idea planned out. Not just saying, I’m making a game like Grand Theft Auto, anyone want to help. You actually got the concept, got the story and put on this to see what you have. It won’t be easy to do though. (this game reminds of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker) Also, I am working on an AI script, which I’ll be happy to give to you! Andrew-101 and me worked on it ;P. Sounds cool man, keep up the awesome work.

Thank you very much Linkxgl! :slight_smile:
Your help would be great man!
Yeah, will be tough indeed, and even with a team, may be a slow process, but i already knew the difficulties, and I’m prepared to face it, I’m determined to do it.

I never played Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, but judging by the videos i saw of it and all i read about it, looks really awesome.

Thanks again for your support man!

I really like how you’ve put your thought into this and presented a good game idea with a good simple storyline. Btw, blender already has GLSL so it will look excellent. I can’t commit myself too much, but I can do mesh modelleing and textures. I’ve got some experience, and I’ve modelled a P51 Mustang and am trying to make a sim out of it (im stuck on the flight dynamics right now). I can join the team if it isn’t too much commitment, and I fully support Open Source use of my work.

Hi kernel_script,
I am glad that the template can be useful, I wish good luck for your game.
The organisation and (future) team management looks good, I hope that you can find the right team members to work on it until it’s fully completed.

If you have any question about the template, don’t hesitate to do it on the official thread, or directly on my website.

Hi eaglestrike,

Thank you very much man! Sure, you can join, there is no high commitment needed, i will not push into you to do work, you collaborate as you can, since it’s Open Source and we will work on it on our free time.

I’ll see if i can produce resources myself (will be really more tough though, but I’ll try), like Sound Tracks, so i can use GPL instead of Creative Commons.

I like Mustangs! Where is your tread?

Sure! And thank you very much for the great support cray!

Thanks Almost! Yeah, you got the idea! :slight_smile:
But the external eyes ring are round (eye balls are spherical) and will not show expression, just change colors: blue when good (Hari), orange when directly controlled (both Hari and Lakamari), and red when evil (Lakamari; battle mode). The same color process occur with their Life/Dark Force Orbs.
The claws are much bigger.
I’ll see if i can do some adjustments and update.

Please, could you post a reply/update note as a comment when you update your post? I’m subscribed to the tread thought e-mail notification, so i only knows when someone had replied/updated when he/she post a new comment.

Done! Here:

machna-00_and_01_ix-p_with.blend (337 KB)

I changed the too complicated “1X-ABCDE” names to just 00 and 01, no need for this unnecessary complication :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll maintain only numbers now, and simple - but original and creative as possible - names.