Los Lobos

This is actually kind of a WIP, because there is supposed to be a series of animations, but what I will show you is a test animation.
Please tell me what you think!
(BTW, you are not really supposed to get it. I just want to know what you think of how it looks.)

It should stilll be in the WIP section of its a test and not the completed version.

Short and simple I liked it.

What does loso lobos mean?

Los Lobos means “The wolfs” in spanish.
Right now the name doesn’t have anything to do with the animation.
The character’s name is Lobo Muerte, Which means Dead Wolf.

It’d be funny if he was killed by a wolf :slight_smile:

Takes forever to load, but it looks good :slight_smile:

And as a sidenote, Lobo Muerte means Wolf Death. Dead Wolf would be Lobo Muerto :wink: