Losing faces on import

When I import from a “.raw” or a “.obj” file format, the model is presented in Blender with some faces missing. I believe they are only faces that I have duplicated to have 2 sides for use in my game engine. The faces have different windings.

Does Blender attempt to remove duplicate faces on import? How can I turn this off, or work around it?


Why do you duplicate faces to have them 2 sided?
That would be 4 sided then. ^^
a face has either one side to its normal and if it is a twosided it is rendered also on the other side, so there is no need for a duplicate.

And i would not be aware of blender removing anything on import.

Thanks arexma, I changed my game engine to handle both sides of a polygon, and light it properly, so no problems now.

Blender definitely culls duplicate faces when importing from various file formats, but it only makes sense.