Losing Video Card on Suspend

On Linux Mint 19, if the OS goes into suspend while Blender is open, then Blender no longer can find the GPU on wake. Only a system restart can get it to work. Anyone else have this issue? Any way to force Blender to see it? The OS reports that there is only one GPU and it is the only one in use and the correct one.

Try to see if you bios has a way to handle suspends instead of the OS. To me it seems like driver/power management issue, which is classic with suspends. Try to open another app that can test your Gpu. The system might not be reporting fully on the driver after the suspends

Checked the BIOS, but no luck. I don’t remember the GPU being lost in any other app, only Blender when the system suspends when it’s still open. I’ll keep testing. Thanks.

Gonna bump this one more time. I had the computer suspend on me, then Blender lost the Cycles rendering devices again. Been searching all over and blacklisting things and so on but no luck. System restart is the only thing that works. This is weird.

This seems like a problem of the distro or drivers routines/scripts. You report this to Linux Mint responsible.
Meanwhile you see if you find something in google:

But please, report this to Mint responsible.

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Didn’t report to them yet, but did start a thread there a while ago, but had no responses, so I was trying to find out if anyone had the same issue here or if this might be a Blender thing. Been searching all over the web. Thanks.

Hello. Same issue Mint 19, CUDA works fine including after suspend IF blender was not using it (E.g viewport render). Otherwise after resuming from suspend with Blender open it Fails.

YAFU’s reply was very helpful, these 2 lines did the trick for me without restarting:

sudo rmmod nvidia_uvm
sudo modprobe nvidia_uvm

I’ll try to hotkey it, leaving it as minor annoyance. If anyone has a better, more elegant solution, i’d also like to hear. Tnx

I tried this but it didnt work :frowning: I get this from Terminal: “rmmod: ERROR: Module nvidia_uvm is in use

I have the same problem, when I restart the laptop the GPU COMPUTE works fine in Blender, but if I put the computer to sleep/suspend and I wake it up, Blender reads: "CUDA error at cuCreate: Unknown error"
Its real anoying and I havent found a work around. I searched accross the interwebs. Does anyone have a solution to this??