Losing work/Forgetting to save: Share your stories

I believe we’ve all done it. Forgot to hit ctrl+s right before a crash, did a ton of work on a scene but ended up not liking how it came out and wanting to try a different way, but already hit ctrl+s, or not finding the right autosave. Here’s a little thread I made to let you share your most painful stories where you lost work or ruined your scene all because of a wrongly timed save. This thread is based on but not limited to Blender.

I used LW for years, I save CONSTANTLY. Because you had to.

FWIW, I mapped Ctrl+S to “Save Incremental”, and “Ctrl+Shft+S” to “Save”. Makes it easy to save an increment, but even more important, makes it HARDER to overwrite a saved file. So, it “fails good”.

One potential drawback of Blender’s relatively good stability is that you don’t really learn to do the ‘save twitch’ (because you don’t need it), so it can be a bit jarring when you do something that crashes Blender or locks it up. The saving grace, Blender is perhaps one of the few creative apps. where it is nearly impossible to corrupt your file (without trying to do it on purpose). Your existing data (from the last save) is always safe and the devs. make it a priority to keep it that way.

Okay, it happened to me recently but not painful at all because the job was for a forum reply, but it did waste me extra time.
It turns out that I had prepared a simple animation which I had to render to obtain a sequence of images and then incorporate it into another .blend file. Well, I render the image sequence successfully. I create the second .blend file and import the images obtained from the first .blend file as a sequence of images. Then I say, I’m going to pack the images sequence into the second .blend file as usual. Having selected to pack all in .blend as usual (I really did it fast and without paying attention to any messages) and save the .blend file, I deleted from the disk the image sequence and the first .blend file.
Yes, it was too late to realize that Blender does not pack image sequences…

Years using Blender and I think I had never realized this.

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